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The solution to America’s high health insurance costs has arrived.

Pre-Crypto Crowdfund: Waves Platform Failure/Looking at alternatives

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***Pre-sale on hold – did not execute – bugs and security issues in the waves system. Will create another token on ethereum. No funds collected***

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Creating a new health insurance company that solves America’s health insurance cost problem

America has a $581 billion per year problem with billing and insurance related administrative costs (see our white paper). Our solution eliminates the need to spend most of that money. We seek to cut premiums by 40% and deductibles by 18% while offering high quality health insurance.

Creates for the first time a free accurate procedure pricing system that is desperately needed. Americans will be able to know immediately what they should expect to pay and be able to immediately also see other local providers’ prices for comparison.
Automated insurance can instantly pay providers and automatically settles most claims.

Our system helps detect, deter, and penalize fraud and abuse. The system also reduces fraud and abuse by aligning the interests of individual providers and patients with those of the nation. Fraud and abuse are other major problems costing $382 billion every year.

We have also created a new formula to see for the first time the complete picture of what health insurers take from America from the point of revenue to benefits paid for the whole industry and then adds the cost to healthcare provider industry (billing and insurance related costs) for a grand total of $581 billion (see white paper).

Our system empowers independent primary care providers, increases physician pay, allows doctors to practice, “defensive”, medicine, helps combat the doctor shortage and consequently will reduce the current doctor burnout problem. Join the movement now doctors of America!

ICO Structure

500,000,000 Total Tokens:
250,000,000 Free trading "Float" Tokens
250,000,000 Emergency fund or future insurance reserve fund held in a separate Athelas Foundation
or if possible some form of escrow

Token distribution of free trading tokens

62% to contributors
21% Athelas operational expenses or technology investment
9% Founders and early backers (these are 75% sale restricted for 2 years)
8% Bounties for marketing assistance (any unused will be destroyed)


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    Pre ICO

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    Day 1

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    Day 2-7

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    WEEK 2

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    WEEK 3

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    WEEK 4


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Blockchain payments

Industry changing pricing tech

DAO assisted


Louis Idrobo
Founder and CEO

Has worked as a proprietary trader on wall street over an 8 year span. Read More

Fausto Lou Idrobo ,
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Was a Financial Control VP with Citigroup's Corporate and Investment Bank. Read More

Burhan Khan

Technical Project Manager and Scrum Master, 10+ Years OF experience. Read More

Albert Khan

Web and Application Team lead 7+ Years of experience. Read More

"Nate" Ahmad

Senior web application developer 5+ Years of experience. Read More

Faiz ul Hassan

Senior web application developer 7+ Years of experience.Read More

Muhammad Basim

Senior web and application developer 5+ Years of experience. Read More

Ahmed Shabbir

Senior web and application developer 6+ Years of experience. Read More

Athelas Healthcare

Athelas Healthcare