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Founders are giving up most of their tokens to create a mega bounty program as this ICO is extremely important to the country:

There will be 2 grand prize winners in addition to basic bounty rewards and many other high value bonus prize winners:

REFFERALS BONUS – Top 10 referrers will receive 300,000 tokens each (Must refer at least 10/ ICO contribution refferals count 3x more than bounty program refferals).Change to 400,000 if ICO reaches $90,000,000 funding. ICO crowdfund refferals must generate at least a $200 contribution.
REFFERAL BOUNTIES – 800 Tokens per ICO refferal/ 300 tokens per bounty program refferal.
Up to 36,000,000 tokens will be available for the referral campaign.

TOP OVERALL BOUNTY PARTICIPANT – 500,000 token BONUS for the top bounty participant/1,000,000 if bounty campaign reaches $90,000,000 in funding raised OR at least 400 valid promotion bounties get done. Refferal bounties and promotion bounties both count towards this prize. Example – A high impact promotion would need a lot of refferal bounties to match it.

TOP 10 PROMOTERS- 100,000 token BONUS each for the 10 best top bounty marketing jobs (assuming at least 100 valid promotion bounty jobs get done overall)
1,000,000 tokens for a random contributor/participant in the actual ICO or Pre-sale of at least $200
100,000 tokens for 1 random bounty member

PROMOTION BOUNTIES -2000 TO 30,0000 per job. See requirements below. We make the final judgements. 8,000,000 tokens will be available for promotion bounty program members

ONGOING PROMOTER BONUS – 50,000 tokens to the most consistent promoter over time. Increased to 100,000 if valid bounty promotion jobs reaches 500 and 200,000 if campaign funding reaches $90,000,000 or total valid promotion jobs reaches 1000. All jobs must be unique.

We will post a link here to the form you will use to submit links to your maketing effort, payment address, and referral info shortly

Only quality marketing counts. That means people should not be unreasonably annoyed by your posts. Any spammers will be banned from the program. Reddit or Bitcointalk posts must help the company. Participation and prize qualification require newsletter signup, Athelas facebook page like, twitter follow, and subscribing on the youtube page. Bounty members will be responsible for ensuring they are on the master list. This will be available online.
We reserve the right to choose the greatest marketing assistants, but emails can be sent to [email protected] with evidence of your case in case we missed someone.
Bounty and prize tokens will be distributed on a date after the completion of the ICO/Crowdfund.

Rules for blog posts/reddit/bitcointalk:
– Minimum 300 words;
– Must contain at least 1 link back to;
– Must mention the 1,000,000 token grand prize for contributers and also our 2nd plan to use advertisement income our social network and search engine to lower health insurance costs.
– Must contain unique content;
– Must be posted on English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish language blogs;

Rules for Youtube/Other videos:
– Minimum 1 minute length video;
– Must explain a complete summary of the solution part of the project;
– Must specify our website;
– Only English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish language accepted;

Decisions will be based on spreadsheet and impact on the campaign, but we will make the final decisions in some cases where there is a judgement call. Once the final master list is published bounty participants will have the responsibility to make sure they are on the list.

Athelas Healthcare

Athelas Healthcare